Ready for a Rewarding & Life Changing Career?

Hiring Agents to Work in an “Advisory” Role

Work from Laptop & Cell Phone Local Travel Required

Career Opportunities Await

HMS Insurance always looking for people to become a part of our growing family.  We are focused on growth, we have products and services for our clients that are far superior to what 99% of people are doing right now, this knowledge comes a drive and passion unsurpassed by the thirst for economic benefit but exceeds that thirst with the will and the fortitude that comes from helping others.

Zig Ziglar rather famously said, “You can have anything in life that you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

This could not be truer.  At HMS Insurance group, we are changing lives for the better, getting people superior coverage, better programs, and better plans.


Benefits of Being an HMS Insurance Group Advisor

Provide an Amazing Service to People Who Need It:
We are in the business of protecting families.  We’re modern day, virtual superheroes, protecting families from financial related problems that are caused by illness and death.  We protect families from lack of funds at retirement, we protect retirees from paying too much in taxes and fees, and we protect their loved ones from the financial burdens of critical illness.  We give retirees great retirement income for LIFE and show people how to become their own bankers.  We protect people from stock market losses while giving them FULL upside potential benefits.  We give people HUGE amounts of cash if they get sick to spend however they see fit.  We are in the protection business, and you can be trained to do what we do.

Free Leads on Final Expense & Medicare plus 4 Additional Lead sources:
There are 150 million old insurance policies in place.  Our Living Benefits products and IUL products are vastly superior to what people currently have, and many want to upgrade.  We need your help!  Our System gives you the ability to work the market you prefer with as many prospects per week as you want.  Our leads are people who have requested to speak with an insurance agent to discuss upgrading their current insurance or first-time buyers.  FORGET prospecting and focus on helping people get their insurance needs met.

Our health products have amazing coverage and typically cost over 50% less than what is currently being sold.  With our Free Lead Program “ OF NEW LEADS” we put you in position to speak with people who want to speak with an agent on life & health coverage, right now.

Work from Anywhere:  
The ability to work anywhere, over your computer and your phone, anywhere in the country.  You can work from your home, from your office, hotel room, or anywhere else with a signal and internet connection.


In-House Pre-Set Appointment Program for Final Expense and Medicare/Medicare Advantage:

We have a lead program that allows you access to unlimited Free Direct Mail Leads from people in need of insurance policies, OR we help them upgrade to other types of policies, giving them MASSIVE benefits if they get sick.

Incredible Training:
We have a training that bring you up to speed on our process, what we do, and how we do it and get you to six figures in this industry.  We’ll train you to find opportunities with current clients as well.  For instance, if you save someone on their family medical coverage, that could be over $1000 in savings.  There is an immediate opportunity to better protect their family and build an asset instead of wasting the money every month that is already budgeted.

Unlimited Income Potential:
We will give you a clear path to meet your comfort level of success, all while working with the products you’re comfortable working.

Top of the Line Products:
We have the best insurance and financial products in the world! Your job is to educate them and help that family! We aren’t selling, we educate and consult with motivated clients.

We have products that products with LIVING BENEFITS, allowing them to access their life insurance death benefit in the event of Chronic, Critical or Terminal Illness.

Products Include: Term, Final Expense & IUL products that can be used as investment vehicles that GROW when the market grows, gains are locked in annually.  However, unlike their 401(k) plan, our products NEVER lose money when the market goes down.

We also Provide: Medicare/Medicare Advantage with lifetime residuals, LTC, Dental and Prescription.